Canadian Makers presents the 2018 Holiday Online Marketplace

November 15-26, 2018

We’re so excited to announce our list of vendors! We’ll be featuring more about these incredibly talented people soon, so stay tuned!

Hattie & Kathryn

Canadian Makers highlights, uplifts, and supports artists, makers, and creators from all across this beautiful country.

In past years, we’ve created gift guides to showcase just a fraction of the amazingly talented people we have in this country that are working hard to support themselves and their families by way of their business and craft.

To take things one step further, last year we decided to create an online shop to make it even easier to support the makers, artists, creators – whatever you want to call them. Be it your family, friends, neighbours or strangers, they’re working hard to bring you their passion, and we think that deserves attention and support!

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Thank you so much,
Kathryn & Hattie


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