Meet the Maker – Napping Wolf Co.

Hi, I’m Tehani!

I’ve been crocheting as a hobby every since I was a kid, a skill I learned from my mom. In my early postpartum days of healing I turned to crochet as a way to keep myself busy while my new baby napped. At the time I had recently bought a handmade bonnet from another maker mama and it was that in which inspired me to crochet that first bonnet for my babe. After that I was hooked (get it, hooked… a little crochet pun for you). What started with exclusive crochet gear has grown to include up cycled fabric bonnets with a Napping Wolf crochet flare to them. Each fabric bonnet is made from upcycled vintage fabrics or pre-loved materials so each fabric bonnet is helping keep textile waste from ending up in landfills.

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