Meet the Maker – Wear Your Crown

Wear Your CrownMy name is Anoop, I am the Founder of Wear Your Crown.

We are an online boutique which specializes in handmade scrunchies from locally and ethically sourced fabric. A portion of our proceeds go toward our partnership with GEM (Girls E-Mentorship), which supports and empowers aspiring, young women to attain their goals.

The name Wear Your Crown is a direct reflection of my upbringing to stand up tall with confidence and to wear whichever hat you need to and whenever you need to in order to shatter any limiting beliefs surrounding you. For me, that hat is a crown- because your worth is infinite, you are royal, majestic and the best investment you could ever make is in yourself!

WEAR YOUR CROWN. Be strong enough, confident enough and resilient enough to value yourself, your skills, your mind and who you are as a person. Join the Scrunchie Movement!

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