Meet the Maker – kbarlow design

Kathryn BarlowI’m Kathryn, a web designer and developer,  and I think spreadsheets are awesome.

Kathryn Barlow was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Design and a Certificate in Digital Media from the York University/ Sheridan College Joint Program. She has been keeping up with web standards as they’ve changed over the past 10+ years and eagerly continues to learn.

Her business, kbarlow design, is focused mainly in web-based design, development, logo designer, and creating print-it-yourself style organization tools: Productivity Planners, and she’s very excited to launch a new product line exclusively on the Holiday Online Marketplace!

In her spare time, she is usually beachcoming (rain, shine, snow… whatever!), doing photography, baking, needle felting, playing in the water, traveling, being out in nature and/or spending time with her family. Kathryn appreciates a work-life balance so she can provide her clients the attention and quality they deserve. Besides, who doesn’t like to snack on baked goods while they work?

She’s also co-founder of Canadian Makers with Hattie!

Meet the Maker – Hattitude Jewellery

Hattie DunstanHi! I’m Hattie!

I’m the Lead marketer and social strategist for Funstans Marketing. I’m also a jewellery designer at Hattitude Jewellery, tech founder, community builder, philanthropist, and friend.

I’ve run three of my own businesses, am the leader of the Toronto West Rising Tide Society Chapter and went to university for marketing management.

Entrepreneurship runs in my blood, from my great grandfather who was a watchmaker, to my grandfather, and both my parents. Now I want to help other entrepreneurs so they can get back to living life! Less work, more life.

She’s also co-founder of Canadian Makers with Kathryn!

Meet the Maker – Kathryn Rebecca Jewellery

Kathryn Rebecca JewelleryI’m Kathryn Rebecca, a jewellery designer and goldsmith who grew up beside a magical forest in beautiful Muskoka. I work to share my love of nature through jewellery. I got started in this business because I loved to use my creativity through working with my hands and I was looking for a career that would allow me to do that.

My favourite part of the job is to bring my own ready-to-wear designs to life as well as work with clients on custom pieces.

My specialty is hand carving each design in wax. This allows me to make work that has an organic, handcrafted feel.

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Meet the Maker – Melissa Mary Jenkins Art

Melissa JenkinsHi, I’m Melissa.

Inspired by her natural surroundings, Melissa Mary Jenkins’ paintings reflect the fluidity of the seasons and the movement of her soul in nature. Melissa lives in a lovely rural setting in an old stone farm house surrounded by vibrant landscapes. Her studio is framed by windows looking out onto dazzling golden fields, towering pine trees, a flourishing apple orchard and a natural pond. Melissa creates her own botanical inks from foraged plants and then adds in thread, pastels and marks in ink. Melissa’s abstract landscapes reflect the colours of the seasons, the lines of the hills surrounding her studio and the trees dotting the horizon.

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Meet the Maker – Michelle Gauthier Artistry

Michelle GauthierHello, my name’s Michelle Gauthier.

I’m a 26 year old embroidery artist living in Toronto, Ontario. I graduated from Ontario Collage of Art and Design (OCADU) with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Criticism & Curatorial Practices. Back when I was 13, I started out with drawing and painting, which I stuck with until I was about 20. Since 2012, I’ve moved on to work mainly in embroidery. It is because of this change in mediums that I feels very passionately about challenging the notion that works of the ‘fine art’ are more valuable than those of ‘craft’. My main sources of inspiration are plants and flowers, personal experience, feminism, and the work of other artists I admire!

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Meet the Maker – Sunday Design Studio

Sunday DesignHi, I’m Mackenzie from Sunday Design Studio.

We are a boutique design studio offering a personal approach and a modern aesthetic. We create family focused products made to be used, loved and treasured – Modern heirlooms that surround our day-to-day and travel with us on life’s little adventures. We believe handmade is best, and we work to make sure that every item that leaves our little studio is something we would be proud and happy to have in our own homes.

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Meet the Maker – Ana Steinberg

Ana SteinbergI’m Ana, I started my business as a way of making life beautiful and luxurious at an affordable price tag for all my clients (in Events and Design).

I strongly believe in the little things that can make our lives truly special and that they shouldn’t be unattainable. Through my t-shirt line I hope to bring some creativity, joy and empowerment to everyone that wears them.

Ana Steinberg »

Meet the Maker – Little Cheeks

Little CheeksI’m Kim, I am a mom of 3 daughters. I began making & designing teething toys when I was home with my little ones. It definitely helps knowing first-hand what works, what babies are drawn to, and what makes life easiest for new and busy parents.

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Meet the Maker – Gossling Organics

Natalie GossI’m Natalie, the maker behind Gossling Organics. In 2017 I began creating pretty little storage things – bins, zips, totes, and notebooks.

These pretty little storage things are made with organic textiles and are embellished with hand embroidery using techniques I learned as a little girl from my grandmother.

Gossling Organics’ classic, heirloom quality products add style and function to your storage needs both at home and on your travels.

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Meet the Maker – Wear Your Crown

Wear Your CrownMy name is Anoop, I am the Founder of Wear Your Crown.

We are an online boutique which specializes in handmade scrunchies from locally and ethically sourced fabric. A portion of our proceeds go toward our partnership with GEM (Girls E-Mentorship), which supports and empowers aspiring, young women to attain their goals.

The name Wear Your Crown is a direct reflection of my upbringing to stand up tall with confidence and to wear whichever hat you need to and whenever you need to in order to shatter any limiting beliefs surrounding you. For me, that hat is a crown- because your worth is infinite, you are royal, majestic and the best investment you could ever make is in yourself!

WEAR YOUR CROWN. Be strong enough, confident enough and resilient enough to value yourself, your skills, your mind and who you are as a person. Join the Scrunchie Movement!

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Meet the Maker – Missie & Tifé Accessories

Sola OlorunlekeI’m Sola, I have always loved making jewelry, and working as a hairstylist, I was frustrated with the heavy and most often not special enough hair accessories my brides and guests had gotten for their hairstyles on their special day. The need to have beautiful, lightweight and versatile accessories that can be enjoyed and used over and over again gave birth to Missie & Tifé Accessories. I have since added to the line of bridal/special events accessories, everyday jewelry.

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Meet the Maker – Hook, Line & Tinker

laurie dolhanMy name is Laurie Dolhan, and I am the artist behind Hook, Line & Tinker, an indie craft studio in Ketch Harbour, Nova Scotia.

I design and craft original, modern embroidery kits. As part of my journey to date, I have been a Jersey Girl, a Yukon Sourdough, and now I’m what some Nova Scotians refer to as a CFA (come-from-away). Like my favourite things, I have been lost, found, and creatively reworked. My business is a reflection of my values – care for people, respect for the environment, and a deep desire to create something meaningful and real through a shared act of making. I’m grateful for the opportunity to create and share my joy with you – and of course, my husband Trevor, son James, Charkie the Berndoodle and Draco the bearded dragon.

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Meet the Maker – Rebel Soul Design

Lisa RobertsonI’m Lisa from Rebel Soul Design jewelry.

Our jewelry is handcrafted  using traditional silversmith techniques in her rural Ottawa studio. The jewelry she creates has a modern aesthetic that balances the contradiction of strong and feminine. The inspiration for the designs is based on the belief that every woman has an inner rebel that can empower her to do amazing things. It is this idea of empowerment that inspires jewelry that reflects the inner strength and beauty of the woman who wears it.

After studying Fine Art at the University of Guelph, like so many art students, Lisa went on to do other things to make a living. After spending 20 years in the Ottawa high tech sector, she fell in love with silversmithing during her first class in 2014. In 2016, she started Rebel Soul Design as a part time business venture. 

Rebel Soul Design »

Meet the Maker – Rose & Purl

Stacey UsbourneHi, I’m Stacey!

I am the maker behind Rose&Purl. We are a modern knitwear company based on Vancouver Island. We create hand knit goodies for you and your littles. Our hats are made and stitched with love and are usually adorned with one of our signature extra fluffy handmade faux fur pompoms.

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Meet the Maker – Cottage Cloth

Hi! My name is Kailey Stewart.

I produce high quality, block printed, eco-friendly textiles for decor and utilitarian purposes.  I pride myself on creating one of a kind items using only sustainable materials and practices including organic fabric, low-impact inks, and virtually zero waste in the production.  I also worked hard to develop a printing method that results in durable and practical items that can be washed and dried without compromising the fabric or design, so you can spend more time just enjoying them.  My goal is to produce products that customers buy to feel good, and feel good buying!

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Meet the Maker – Napping Wolf Co.

Hi, I’m Tehani!

I’ve been crocheting as a hobby every since I was a kid, a skill I learned from my mom. In my early postpartum days of healing I turned to crochet as a way to keep myself busy while my new baby napped. At the time I had recently bought a handmade bonnet from another maker mama and it was that in which inspired me to crochet that first bonnet for my babe. After that I was hooked (get it, hooked… a little crochet pun for you). What started with exclusive crochet gear has grown to include up cycled fabric bonnets with a Napping Wolf crochet flare to them. Each fabric bonnet is made from upcycled vintage fabrics or pre-loved materials so each fabric bonnet is helping keep textile waste from ending up in landfills.

Napping Wolf and Co. »

Meet the Maker – Woodsyworld

Hello, I’m Gulerana.

Ours is very similar story just like many first time mothers… I wanted to stay home with our first born and wanted to make something using lights. My husband is a woodworker and hence we decided to make marquee lights. Our main product is handmade wooden marquee lights.

Woodsyworld »

Meet the Maker – Black Gold Soap Co.

Hi, I’m Shayla

Shayla started making soap in 2016 on the suggestion of a friend, and had so much fun that she incorporated Black Gold Soap Company and began selling in March 2017!
She likes learning about different techniques and ingredients, but particularly enjoys the design process and all the fun colors and patterns she can create. And she really loves color (if you can’t tell from her hair)!

When Shayla isn’t creating one-of-a-kind, fun soaps, she works as a commercial loan underwriter and enjoys spending time with her husband and fur babies (a dog and three cats). She also tries her hand at other hobbies like baking, motorcycle riding, and playing with makeup (beauty and special FX).

Black Gold Soap Co. »

Meet the Maker – Glass and Glitter Gifts

Hi, I’m Leanne!

I own Glass and Glitter Gifts here in beautiful Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia.

I specialize in ceramic ornaments and mugs. My designs are born from a love of the ocean and everything maritime. I adore living in the East Coast of Canada, and hope to continue being my own boss for many years to come!

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Meet the Maker – kisii

Hi, I’m Reena!

kisii is a Canadian small business that is inspired by simplicity, nature and self-care. I opened my Etsy shop in 2012 as a means to fundraiser for Tumour research at Princess Margaret and Mount Sinai hospitals in Toronto. As a chemo patient, I wanted to give back. Since then I registered the business and it’s evolved into something beautiful that I’m proud of. Everything in the shop is handmade by me, using responsibly-sourced materials. I’ve also transitioned my packaging to be completely recyclable to do my part in keeping less waste out of our oceans and landfills.

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